Add Calendar Collection

I think that creating a “Calendar” collection would be HUGE. I can think of no less than 2,987 ways to use this :slight_smile:

I’m happy to help provide any spec of details for this, but I imagine it would function like the map…in which coordinates are required. But this would require a string of dates for placement.

Of course, a 30 day view, 7 day view, and single day view would be great. Option to drag/drop to change dates of an item would be great too, but as of right now, I think that’d only work with Excel data - at least until POST commands are added to API Exp. But right now, even just ‘viewing’ groups of information, expanding into different views and detailed pop ups would be awesome.

As of right now it’s kind of hard to create a calendar that keeps it’s dates and grid current. Thanks for the consideration, and vote below if you could use this functionality!

  • I need it!
  • nah, don’t need

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Hi Alex,

I agree with your suggestion but would like to understand what you mean by at least until POST commands are added to API Exp? The API Explorer does support POST commands already, with JSON body. Do you have some issues there?



Hey Seb, thanks for linking that. For some reason I thought i read that POST commands weren’t supported yet. I guess not, so that gives me some things to try.

I appreciate the support on the calendar collection idea. I’d like to add ONE more thing that I think would be helpful as well - triggers for when collection items in the calendar are drag/dropped on different parts of the calendar. This would allow those POST commands to change the dates of items when they are moved in the calendar grid.