Add a second text state to the toggle button

I know there are various ways to change text with triggers and actions and/or image toggles when you activate a toggle button, but it would be a huge timesaver for the toggle button to simply have two text states: One for “checked” and one for “unchecked” just like there are currently selectable color options for the different states.

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I agree, and vote for this as well. It would be a timesaver.
But as of right now, is it possible for the Checked Action to “Set Text of Button to xxxxx”, then Unchecked Action to “Set Text of Button to yyyyyy” ?

I’ve not done this, so I’m curious!

@AlexB: Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be. Actions directly on the toggle don’t allow you to change many of the button’s properties. As mentioned, there are numerous ways to do it in several steps. I was just hoping to do it quickly and efficiently right in the button properties. But thanks for the vote!

I agree. It would be much simpler to simply have it in the properties.
Just brainstorming of another work around though… you probably could create a small excel file that has the two names (or more) and bind the name of the button to the cell. Then when Toggle is checked it filters one way, unchecked it filters another way, thereby changing the name of your button dynamically.
But again, I know this involves more steps than it would take to simply have checked/unchecked button name text. Good luck!