Action only after multiple triggers


Is there a way to Go To a Scene only after all other scenes have been visited? Client wants 4 touch points that will launch videos (will go to a separate scene). Then only after all 4 touch points are touched (or all 4 scenes are visited) presentation will auto play the 5th and final video (go to last scene). Any one have any luck doing something like this?


Hi @justin,

You could use conditional triggers and global variables to do so.
Each time you visit scene 1 - 4, set the corresponding ‚ÄúSceneVisitedVariable‚ÄĚ to true.
When trying to visit final scene, add a condition on the 4 variables and verify they are equal to true before navigating to that scene.



@Seb is right. You could also use a Counter, and when a certain count is hit, an action happens.