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I have created a composition which is based on a Dynamic folder. The items in this folder are videos. I have used the “Asset Flow” collection to display the content in the folder. On tap, we want the item “tapped” to be displayed in a different location. I can achieve this. The issue is that i cannot enable “Auto Play” of the selected video.

Is this possible? If not, is there a work around?

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Hi @dpramod19,
If you’re using the “Tap Item to Open” function of the gallery…I’m not sure this is possible. When using a data feed from a folder, I’m not sure how IF could set a trigger for an open item…when it doesn’t know if the item is an image or video.

But I could be wrong. If there’s some way to use Excel for your gallery, then you could easily do this. Good luck.

HI Alex,

We know that all the contents in this folder is ONLY videos and no images or PDF’s. Hence the first part is covered here. We are using a Asset Grid/flow component - so it’s just a Tap to Open and open the item is a specific co-ordinates/size.

The main problem is that we want this video to Auto Play. In this project, we do not want to use excel or even a RSS feed.

Looking forward for a solution here.

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Can anyone help? What Pramod tries to do looks simple, but we can’t get it working.
We want to use a dynamic folder to feed a collection. On tap of an item in the collection, we would like to open & play that item… Xls doesn’t allow dynamic content; for rss feeds, we need to publish & update the feed… not very simple.

I know it sounds simple :slight_smile: But simple things are usually the most difficult things lol.

I wish there was more to suggest for this. But the way that the collections operate…I honestly can’t think of a creative way to do this with what is currently built. There’s no way for a collection to know how to reach out and play the video after it is tapped open…I think all it sees is a floating box. Kind of like you can’t open a book and read it when it’s sitting inside of a drawer that may or may not contain a book at all :slight_smile:

I’m just a user here, I’m not on staff, so I can’t answer to any further functionality that the IF staff could “Build” to do what you want.

But I can tell you what would work “if” the following feature was created:
If they programmed a way to cause a “Tap” at a pre-defined, exact location…which is something I’m actually going to suggest in a new post. If that were built into IF, you could program a timed-tap at right on the video, a split second after it opens.

But I might as well ask the obvious question…would it be Ok for the user to either tap on the play button once the video is open? Or to play the video directly from the gallery without opening it to float?

By the way, I created a post to suggest the Tap At Location functionality here: Tap at Location Action - Wishlist - Intuiface Community

Hi Alex,
thank you. Unfortunately, even with that functionality, our issue won’t be solved apparently. The play button appears in the collection but not on the opened item… If we tap on play, it will play in the collection and not on the opened item…
We hope Intuilab will come back to us with a workaround for this scenario.
If they can’t offer anything, we’ll start the development of a daemon which will create an xls file with the content of the folder, which in turn will be consumed by intuiface. Certainly not ideal and therefore I hope we’ll get a real solution…

Hi Laurent,

Did you think about creating your Interface Asset that would list the content of a folder and expose it as a data feed?
You could already achieve this kind of things in .NET and with our latest 5.6 release, you can now also create it in JavaScript.
We published a sample available at the end of this article.

Of course, you can change the folder content to videos to fit your use case.

Please tell me if that helps you move forward.


Hi @laurent.devroede,
I made a quick video about this - I seem to see something different than you describe. Can you let me know if this helps at all?

Play Videos From Dynamic Folder


@Seb How do you embed videos into posts?

You just copy/paste the url of the video directly in the post @AlexB

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Hi Alex,

Thanks for the video.

I am able to achieve this. The challenge is that we want to “Auto Play” the item. We have the exact settings and the when we top an item in the asset grid, it does open the item and we can get the player controls. What we want to achieve is that, when tap an item in this asset grid, it should open the video (as you have shown), but start playing. We don’t want an additional step of tapping on the player play button.

Let me know if you need any further information.

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Hi @dpramod19 and all,

Here is quick sample XP I created using the JavaScript FileService I mentioned above.

It will list all the videos located in a Media Folder contained in the project subfolder Files\InterfaceAssets\FileSystemBrowsingJS

Thanks to the data template mechanism, you have full control on the videos displayed in the collection.
I personally chose to play them when they get in focus and pause them when they get out of focus.


HI Seb,

It’s been a long time we visited this. I was able to download and use this Custom IA. works perfectly fine.

I have follow-up question, based on our use case.
Our Use Case We are have a Multi-monitor experience. In this experience, one half is touch base and has a asset flow with source being a dynamic folder. Here i have used the custom IA.
on the second half, we need the video playing. This is the tapped video from the custom IA. I tried quite a lot of options but unable to achieve this. Can you share some advice here?

The requirement is pretty clear - we want one half a asset grid of videos. the source MUST be dynamic folder. on the second half (extended monitor) the video to be playing. On change on the asset flow, the video must also change and play.

Is this possible?

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Hi @pramod.dharani,

Sure it’s possible.

Create the Asset flow with the dynamic data feed and a video asset used as a template.
Add a video asset in your scene (the part displayed on the extended monitor) that will be used a placeholder
On your template, add a moved into focus trigger that will change the placeholder video source and play it.

Does that answer your need?