Accessibility and Design for All


If your interactive content will be used by anyone other than yourself, you need to design for accessibility. In particular, how will you accommodate those with poor vision, hearing or physical access?

We’ve thought about it and have worked with Microsoft Production Studios and Tosolini Productions to identify a few key features that we’ll add to IntuiFace. And, of course, designing for people with disabilities also means better design for everyone.

Here is the list of features planned to be part of IntuiFace Version 5.4, currently scheduled to be released the first week of April:

  • Text to Speech: (for Windows): Uses the PC’s speech synthesizer to read aloud text. You’ll be able to select any voice that’s available on your Windows device.
  • Keyboard as Trigger Source: Every key on the keyboard or a remote control can be interpreted as a trigger for any action supported by IntuiFace. This includes scene-to-scene navigation, eliminating the need to touch the screen or use a mouse. Ideal if you design for a keypad-enabled kiosk (that may include Braille keys).
  • Enhance On-Screen Gesture Support: Onscreen gestures can be associated with any static asset, reducing the need for (button) pinpoint accuracy.

We are very proud to bring to market such an array of features to help you design better experiences addressing the needs of all!

Again, a big thank you to Tosolini Productions and Microsoft Production Studios for their support. I also want to point to this excellent article “Microsoft’s Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking - By studying underserved communities, the tech giant hopes to improve the user experience for everyone”. From this article I have extracted two quotes that, I believe, highlight what we all want to achieve:

  • By designing with the disabled in mind, we can create products that are better for everyone else.

  • By bringing a diverse set of users into a design process that typically strips away differences and abstracts them into what seems user-friendly to the maximum number of people, can actually help with the fact that our capabilities change throughout the day.

I hope and expect all of our users will take advantage of these upcoming features to build better experiences for all,


Keybord Shortcut
IntuiFace 5.4 coming up!

Hi everybody,

here is a short video to present you those new features.

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share your feedbacks.


Any idea on the date of this realease? I have been waiting for keyboard scene to scene navigation along time. Im very happy with this update!


Coming very soon Daniel! Waiting on AppStore submission approval right now…


@dpalaciosj Just in case you haven’t seen, 5.4 is out, including the keyboard triggers feature!
Check the article here for more information about it.