Ability to Recommend Intuiface Community Members On Their Pages

I’m still a newbie to Intuiface (around 8 mos.) and the Intuiface Community.

Could we have a section on our member pages where we can recommend/verify/leave friendly testimonials? I’d love to be able to publicly brag about some of the members who have really helped me, and this could be beneficial for them as well; if people are coming on here to find an expert for hire, they can access the reviews and make a more informed choice.


Hi Megan,
What a lovely idea :heart_eyes:
You know though, you can already do that in the Community category (or the Opportunity category if you’d like to suggest others to hire that person).
I think that should be more visible than adding a personal section to your profile that will only show when users click on your profile.

Who is this person that helped you anyway?! Can’t wait to read about the story :slight_smile:

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Oh, okay! I will check that out. Thank you.

@Louie_Smith has been giving me some great advice for a complicated section of a current XP.

My producer dreams big and encourages our clients to dream big as well, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just that sometimes I have to scramble to get my Intuiface skill set up to snuff to pull of said dreams, haha!

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Glad to know that we share the same dream @megan