Ability to multiply figures by typing *+(number) in X,Y,W,H fields


There is a handy little function within Adobe products (I’m thinking After Effects and Photoshop specifically) that lets the creator easily double/triple the size of a workspace or where an item goes by selecting the width or height (or X, Y axis) and hitting *+2 (or *+3 if you want to triple it) and then hit enter. Right now, I’m having to upsize a project from HD to 4K and I’m having to manually go to another program (Calculator), multiply items by a factor of 2, then switch back over and enter it back into the field in IF.

Thank you for your consideration! (Man, that sort of sounded like a pitch for a movie to get an Oscar… Oh, well)


  • Yes, I want to use simple math formulas in Size/Position fields
  • No, i don’t have a use for this

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I remember testing this the first time I opened Composer, coming from Illustrator :smirk:
I totally second this!

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YAAAAY!! That makes me happy! :smiley:

Hey! Do you mean like this? Calculations

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