Ability to Copy All Triggers/Actions Shift + Select

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Have you ever come across the need to copy and paste a lot of triggers quickly without having to manually click each one whilst pressing Shift or Ctrl?

Let me explain what I mean if you have an X amount of files within Windows to select them all you either drag your mouse to select all the items or you press Shift + then press the first and then last item and it selects all the item in-between

It would make our lives easier having to copy the triggers the same way you can with items within Windows.

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  • No not needed

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Just a quick tip: do you know that instead of copying multiple actions, you can copy a trigger (click on the left side of this T&A Detail panel, “is checked” in your snapshot) and it will copy all the actions associated with that trigger?
You can then delete the ones you don’t need.
I know it doesn’t answer all the needs behind your question, but it’s something I used quite often, especially when doing an “is checked” / “is unchecked” where I just have to reverse some actions (replace “show” with “hide”).

Oh yes I know that but It would be good but say you have multiple triggers already setup and you have different actions and you want to bind them to a different spreadsheet. it would be good to copy and paste like how I mentioned I suppose this is more of a slight tweak/enhancement to the usability side of things that’s why I thought I would mention it.