A visitor check-in form with autocomplete results


A while ago, I created this visitor check-in form, and I figured it may come handy to other community members. The scenario is an hypothetical co-working space / startup incubator featuring a touch screen at their front desk for users to self check-in.

As a visitor, you are prompted to register with your first / last name and email. Then you can select your hosting startup and notify them of your arrival.
As you type the name of the startup, a filtered list of companies appears. Select the desired one to complete the check-in.

How the filtering works

The progressive filtering of the company names happens as a results of a text is updated trigger in the startup text input field. After each letter is pressed, the new text is being processed by a separate Excel sheet which determines the length of the string. This value feeds another formula in a separate column of the company database, which will be used by Intuiface to populate the filtered asset grid collection.

Excel LEN

Real time communications

Using a communication service like Twilio APIs, it’s possible to generate SMS notifications to specific persons / phone numbers associated to each startup. This can be particularly handy, since a self-service kiosk shouldn’t require a real person to call your host and let them know you arrived.

There may be an easier way to accomplish the same results, but that’s what I came up with :slight_smile:
In the meantime, feel free to download the XP here (10MB).


If you want to check, that’s something implemented in the sample “Cosmebox” B2B Sales Presentation - Manufacturing on the Catalog scene. It looks like this:

It’s implemented using an extra worksheet in Excel, using a copy of products that is filtered just for the completion. See below the 2 columns:

(Product column)

(Column used for completion)




@Alex thanks for the pointer. Your approach is much simpler than mine, and it returns any item that contains the string being typed. This may be the best solution for most cases. My example focused on filtering items which name started with the string being typed. Maybe an edge use case. Thanks!

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Awesome stuff.
I was looking at doing similar for work but for deliveries, and built the initial concept in MS Powerapps. Given we are using Intuiface for our main reception, I have started to think about
which would entail checking against an excel document from OneDive, or against a SharePoint list… the Delivery person could simply type in a Name, and their Block number… and do a sign/drop off, or even better, scan using OCR https://cloud.google.com/vision/docs/ocr.

Great work as usual tosolini, very inspiring mate, and great suggestion Alex.

Thanks @Ryan. I like the idea of the OCR, something to explore for sure. As per OneDrive, I think if the Intuiface XP lives there, then you inherit the benefits of accessing the Excel file remotely too.

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