A New Success Story by Museum of Flights

Taking Experiences to New Heights with Intuiface: Museum of Flight brings Aviation to Life through Visual Storytelling and Tour Guide Empowerment

The Museum of Flight is a private non-profit air and space museum in the northwest United States. It was established in 1965 and is the largest private air and space museum in the world. It welcomes five to six hundred thousand visitors each year and they are accompanied by knowledgable guides many of whom served as pilots in World War II and now act as volunteers. With its vision to be the foremost educational air and space museum in the world, the museum staff grew the museum campus by nearly twice its size in 2014. The highlight was a 3-acre display known as the Aviation Pavilion, which exhibits 20 rare and unique commercial and military aircrafts with a mission of protecting the historical aircrafts while giving guests an experience they could touch and feel.
Peder Nelson, Exhibits Developer and Digital Engagement Manager, had worked with interactive design agencies in the past and he realized that when working with design firms, he and his team were doing 95% of the work. He also knew that a 6-month timeline for creating an interactive was typical and would have proved to be costly. However with Intuiface, the team was able to complete the project from start to finish within a shorter timeline and at a significantly lower cost.
The team worked also with Tosolini Productions (@tosolini) to incorporates a 360 degree interior view of the planes.

Aviation Pavilion provides tours and access to its historical planes and still keep them well preserved. With interactive digital technology, the interior of the aircrafts are protected from accidental damage yet easily viewed by attendees.


Guides can also hand over the controls as they tell of their personal piloting experiences. Rather than just listening to the story set in the scene of the cockpit, guests are virtually taken there and immersed in the story.

the full story is available here.