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Did you know Intuiface has more deployed licenses worldwide than the majority of digital signage software found in this year’s Digital Signage Software Comparison Guide produced by Digital Signage Today?

This may not be a surprise for many of our satisfied customers but considering we don’t produce annoying banners, big budget TV/radio ads or cold call email blasts, it’s quite an impressive achievement.

There is one thing you can do for us: help get the word out. The more (nicely!) vocal our users are, the more positive attention we can generate in the marketplace, the more customers we can bring into the fold, and the more we can invest in and improve Intuiface. It’s a cycle where everyone wins. :slight_smile: Willing to lend a hand?

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Leading the pack and deserving of a big thank you is @Louie_Smith who shared his thoughts online. We are touched! Your feedback and support is the fuel propelling us forward!

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@AlexB Thank you for your wonderful review! A little thank you gift will be on its way soon!


You’re very welcome! It’s the least I can do as a fan of your software.

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i just published my review



Thank you! We should have the confirmation within about 48hrs from the time of publication. We’ll let you know :slight_smile: