A 3D model animation recorder in Intuiface

This demo allows you to record and play back a series of keyframes representing 3D objects in various states. Think of it as a macro recorder, where instead of instructions you save a sequence of different positions of a 3D model. You can rotate the model in any direction, zoom in / out and once you are done saving your steps, you can play them back at a pre-defined interval of time.

The XP leverages Excel to record the X, Y rotations and zoom data. During playback, a timer cycles through each record (keyframe). No third party web viewers required, it works offline too.

Potential use cases:

  • Interactive attract loop using real 3D models
  • Custom show reel with highlights on specific view points
  • One more use for 360 images (try entering the Milano square photosphere)

I’ll be curious to hear your own use cases. Enjoy!

Download 3D Animation Recorder (50MB)