64-bit *beta* version of Composer and Player for Windows now available!

To date, IntuiFace Composer and Player for Windows has been a 32-bit application. Put simply, this means Composer and Player could hold about 2GB of content - images, videos, documents, etc. - in memory (i.e. RAM) at one time. For the vast majority of our users, that capacity is more than sufficient. However, with the increasing use of 4K videos, multi-screen displays and complex experiences, moving IntuiFace to a 64-bit architecture became a priority …and now a (beta) reality!

For more details, cautionary notes and download, please go here.


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Hi Vincent

Good News and congratulations for this important step.

I read the notes and details , but to be sure … if i opened my project that im building it on 32bit version, in 64bit and saved it , can i reopen it again in the 32bit version ???



Yes, you can use the 64 bits version composer and then go back to the official version (which is 32bits) safely.


Thank you the performance improvement on our machines is significant, particularly for heavily annotated assets so the sooner we can make this release official the better :smiley:

We will not release it officially before end of Feb 2017. However, we will certainly release newer 6.0.0 beta (again with only performances improvement - we keep our great new functions under the hood)

What kind of setup were you using? (display size / GPU types)

If you think there is still some provision for enhancement for your XP, is it possible for you to share it with the support as it is very valuable for us to find out / assess the performances glitch/enhancements?


It has substantially increased performance in particular heavily annotated assets. unfortunately we are not able to share the experience as it wouldn’t run properly as it runs on local server support.

We are running using 4k screens, including 1 setup where 3x4k screens are being used. The graphics processor is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with 16GB RAM and an SSD drive to reduce latency as much as possible.

After 64bit the major improvements we and our clients are looking at needing is not performance based but is to do with the annotation tooling. The writing with a finger always appears very scratchy and the eraser doesn’t work particularly well at all.

You should expect another beta Monday next week which might help with the annotation capabilities. Stay tuned!

How do you mean? The limitations I’ve seen so far have been functional issues such as no undo button and more importantly the eraser being little short of diabolical when compared to almost any other annotation tool available in Windows 10. This is a huge challenge for us


I have an experience that plays numerous videos that I very much want to run under 64-bit. Unfortunately it either does not run at all (player not responding) or the two small videos overlaying its background image do not play (happened once). It is running on a Core i7, 16 GB memory, Samsung Pro SSD.

Are there diagnostics or anything else I can try to help out? I would be happy to share the experience with you ~ 8.2 Gig

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As you posted a question on support, we will deal it on or support site.