55" Art Table for Children

We’re starting to research a project for a kids’ art table using a 60 point simultaneous input PCAP touch screen. We’d like for it to have six 640 x 540 rectangles (“3 over 3”) that each function as an independent drawing space using the Drawing Pad template as a starting point.

Has anyone set up an experience with independently functioning sections before? Any info on how we might be able to make this work would be greatly appreciated.


I am guessing you will just have one scene. no triggers to move to another scene. With a table that size, it will be quite easy to do especially if you plan the same rectangle. Just design one and copy paste it into the other five positions and you should be good to go.

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Yes, it’s only one scene. There might need to be a restart button as well. I would like to ask if you wouldn’t mind, please be more specific. I will do some experiment experiences on my end to see what I can come up with. Thanks for the quick reply!

Its pretty simple, you just create one section and duplicate that to the other 5 sections, I attached a simple screenshot of what it would look like. Hope it makes sense.

You will need to use a blank white image for the drawing board and then enable the drawing tool bar for this


Very cool. Thanks, Melvyn. I can defeintely see the need for borders around each area now to keep “overlap drawing” to a minimum. I really appreciate your explanation. Many thanks!

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I have built a few of these in the past. If your not successful please contact us and we can quote the job for you.

It would be better to create a different topic for that @cullenb. You will get more visibility this way. :wink: