4k video playback

So I’ve seen a few topics that talk about 4k video playback, but not much of an answer from any of them.

We’re trying to play 4k video (60fps would be nice, but 30 will do) in an experience, and having a hell of a time trying to get it to run properly. I see recommendations for video playback in the knowledgebase mention that videos should not be higher than 12mbps but 4k video seems to require something around 50-60 mbps for proper playback.

So my root question is this: Is the answer for playing smooth 4k video just throwing more and more hardware at the problem? Or are there recommendations for proper video playback?

As a side note, playing the same video in VLC player on the platform in question, it plays very smoothly. It seems to be only inside Intuiface experiences that it slows to a crawl.

GeForce GT1030
Intel i5-7500
4GB DDR4 memory

We’ve run the video from a file share, from Youtube (using the youtube object) and directly from the experience itself. The performance varied between these (youtube being by far the worst) but they were all pretty rough. Sometimes the video itself failed to load at all, sometimes it would load, but with FPS problems or visual glitches.

All videos in question run wonderfully in VLC proper. It’s only via intuiface experiences that they exhibit problems.


Anyone have any thoughts on this? We’ve now had multiple hardware configurations fail utterly to properly play 4K video.

Another hardware configuration we’ve recently tried:
AMD Ryzen 3 2200G
Vega 8 Graphics
8GB DDR4 Memory

@nstaros Try changing the video playback from VLC to WMP

Kind Regards


Hi @Promultis thanks for the response!

Doing that results in one of two things, seemingly randomly:

  1. the player says “not found” (even though the video is embedded in the experience itself) and does not play

  2. It plays, and sound plays, but no video appears, it’s just a white screen.

Hello Nick,

I recommend you to open a ticket on our Support Site so our team can investigate.

Support Team will probably ask you to share your XP with xp-for-support@intuiface.com so you may want to do that just after creating your ticket.