42" touch screen options for purchase

We are in the US and are looking for a 40 to 55 inch touch screen monitor to be used for our Experience.

I do find some 42 Inch 20 Points IR Interactive Touch Screen Overlay kits for LCD/LED monitors, but would prefer to find a monitor that has the touch screen ‘built in’ as I don’t have experience with the overlay technology.

I am a volunteer, using my background as a video editor to help a museum create this ‘Experience’. The creation of the Experience is generally within my scope, using Photoshop, Premier etc and populating the templates available has made the creation easy, but the sourcing of monitor hardware is stumping me.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hello @stevenmmcwilliams,

Here is a list of the tech vendors that our customers have used in the past. There is a listing for touch displays, I would suggest starting with these vendors to find the display that would work best for you.