3d models not displaying textures (3ds or obj models)

I have spent 3 days trying to get a variety of 3D models to display with textures without much success!

I have read the documentation and understand the texture requirements for file location and .mtl file (OBJ models) but I have only had one 3D model display correctly. This was a Skull model with a jpg texture and imported to Intuiface fine with the texture image and the .mtl file in the root directory of the object.

Other models will not show textures. 3DS models always display but without textures showing…

This is driving me nuts… please help me…


Paul are you sure you moved the textures to the IA folder under the project?

Kind Regards


Hi @paul2,

I recommend you to contact our support team and share your 3D models with them. They’ll investigate your issues.


Hi Mike,

I followed all the instructions given which included moving texture files to the same folder as the obj or 3ds file. I checked the mtl file and it looks correct. The only obj model I can get to work has only one texture image, a jpg file. The other obj models I am having no luck with have more than one texture file for different areas of the model but these are correctly listed in the mtl file?

I would prefer to use 3DS models and I have imported a 3ds model file with textures in the same model folder but the textures still do not display.

Can you tell me, do 3DS files need the associated texture images? and should they be in the same folder?

You said are the images in the AI folder… what is the AI folder?

Thanks for your help, I am finding this very frustrating…