3d model texture


Hello, we try to put a 3D Model in format .DAE in our development, but only run the model without the texture, how we can do to load the textures with the 3D Model at same time?

Thanks for your help.


Hello Rodemm,

You can achieve this by adding your model and your textures at the same time, in a “one action” drag and drop in the composer.
If you have a separate folder for your texture, put them in the same folder of your .DAE file and “drag and drop” them in the composer. They will appear in the scene and you can see your 3D model properly textured.

Tell me if it solves your problem.




I am trying to complete this task also.

I have tried a “one action” drag and drop in the composer and it is not working for me.

I have imported a folder that has a .DAE file and the textures, when i drag that folder to the composer stage it creates an asset grid module with the folder ?

I have also tried to drag the folder from my computer to the stage and it does the same thing.

Any help or additional clarification or screencast video or images would be appreciated…


Hi @raythorsky,

Could you send me a zip in a private message with your files so I can see how it’s supposed to work with a .dae + textures?
I’ll do a screencast of the way I insert them in my Composer.



Hi @raythorsky

I had a look at your .dae file and I couldn’t find any reference to your texture files in it. A quick search on the web led me to this article explaining how to export textures correctly within a Collada format.

I’ll let you modify your 3D file and come back to us when it’s done.



Hi Seb,

I am creating a demo for a client and purchased a 3D file that had a Collada .dae file, textures as well as version as well as 3D studio Max, Blender, AutoDesk and Wavefront. I have tried to drag each of these files into the composer and also added the textures in the projects folder in Files / Object3D / Directory and cant get the 3D floor plan to texture. I have a demo later this week so I really hope I can figure it out since it provides a lot of WOW factor.

ANy advice based on this purchase? Should I contact support where I purchased the 3D floor plan, I am still doing something wrong…

I notice on one import it asked for a .mtl file but there was not one in my download.

Any help is much appreciated…



Hello @raythorsky

I have investigated the 3D model you bought. In the blender file, we can see textures are properly set (see screenshot below). On the other side, the Collada format and the OBJ (Wavefront) format doesn’t include any references to the textures. I suspect that the “automatic export” of the website failed.
I think you can contact the website support and say them that exported model does not reference textures.

I hope this answer will help you.