360 Virtual Tour - krpano run locally

Hey all

Working on a project that presents virtual tours and 360 pano content built with krpano, We have been able to run our existing tours and content through the web browser assets running off our website.

For this project we need to run the tours locally but have been unsuccessful, we’ve followed krpanos instructions to get tours to run locally krpano.com - Documentation - Local / Offline Usage with no luck.

Has anyone been successful in running locally or do we have to be connected to the internet?


Hi @4piproductions,

I checked the krpano documentation and found this article. they explain that due to security reasons, you ave to run a local server on your machine to access locally your krpano files.

Can you please test this solution and give us some feedback?



Interestingly, I noticed that our local krpano Flash panoramas that used to work fine until not long ago, now they all show a security error. Not sure what has happened in the past week or so, but I haven’t been able to resolve this issue yet. As @Seb mentions, it seems that we have to launch a local web server. I’ll test this solution next.

Thanks Seb.

We soon realised the only solutions that currently works is to launch the krpano local server, this isn’t ideal for our clients but will do for now.