360 Tour



I saw a intuiface experience with 360 virtual tour. How do I create it?

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@shameer this one is yours ;-).


If I’m not mistaken they are using the web browser asset that displays a website with a virtual tour.


would be cool to have have this built-in Perhaps content for VR.!!!


We did use http://krpano.com in one of our lobby projects to visualize 360 photos in Intuiface. We captured them using a Ricoh Theta camera, converted into Flash and embedded them into the experience. You can certainly do the same by embedding a Web asset, which will give you more options. Something I’m not sure is the possibility to import the HTML virtual tour locally or if you need a web site.


Yes also have tried this using html file but wouldnt play some of the internal video files with in the 360. I used Pano2vr


Also can these files be played locally?


Checkout the 360 Tours