360 Spin Images

Anyone know if you can do 360 degree spin images in this software? Sorry, very new and evaluating the product for a client. I am just starting the tutorials. Thanks!

Hi Tedc,

360 degree spin images have not yet been introduced into the system yet (atleast I haven’t come across something like it).

The workaround to achieving this would be generate a flash movie of the 360 degree thing and then import that into the presentation, most of the websites use this system I think.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanis for the reply! Would the FLASH idea be interactive, i.e., you could use your finger to spin left and right?

I can produce 360 spin images. We just finished a job where we imported 3D images from our software into the inferfce and it allows us to spin, zoom, move around in any direction. Very cool feature.

One way to include spinning images is to convert your photos into a Flash file using Object2VR by Object2VR - Garden Gnome and then embed the Flash file into Intuiface. You can use your mouse left and right to spin the around.

Click the (broken) image below to see an animated GIF of a prototype embedding a spinning image:

Hi everyone!
You can download here the test project I did in Composer using the Mercedes images provided by an IntuiFace users.

I used the following mechanism:

  • A flip chart contains the 36 images
  • its index in focus property is bound to a Simple Counter count property
  • 2 buttons are doing +1 and -1 on the counter, with conditions to avoid getting to 0 or 37 and do a loop instead

For a test purpose, I also created a kind of slider using an Ellipse shape and a custom converter, to transform the X position of the Ellipse into an index.

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Hi Seb - This is pretty clever!

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Hi everyone,

I am working on a Residential project where I have 256 3D-images to create a spinning 360. On this 360, I need to put 15 pins, all interactive, that open a popup when tapped. The client wants obviously a very smooth spinning, without white flash between each images, or any lag.
My problem is that I need the pins to keep their virtual position (related to the building/house they spot) every time I’m spinning the 360. So I have 256 different X/Y position for each 15 pins that I need to be linked with each image.
I did the 360 in html/css/js in a web browser, in which I change the number of every loaded picture to have them virtually spinning. But I can’t find a way to link any interaction between the 360 in the web browser and the pins in Intuiface.

Any ideas are welcome!

Thanks for all the ideas everyone. I created a FLASH file in Object2VR … and placed that in interface for the 360 spin. However, it does not work with finger touch. It does spin with a mouse, but only after you click and release in the flash.

Anybody else try using this to get a 360 spin object?


Hmm … I think I found the solution. In the Web Browser I used the Interaction Mode … map pan and zoom. That seems to fix it.


Hi Seb,
I have downloaded & run your Image360-test , but i don’t know why when I click to copy this scene to duplicate it ,and play , on the second scene can not use the Ellipse shape.
So coud you guide me how to fix it,please ?
Thanks you very much!

Hi @haminh1989,

That’s because the Global Variable named Converted position is still bound to the ellipse on your first scene. You need to change this binding input so it now uses your “new ellipse”.
Be careful, after changing the input source, you will need to set the converter again which is a Custom Script with the following script: parseInt(parseFloat(INPUT) / 30)