3 touch screens one computer

I have three 70" touch screens on one computer. The computer had all the screens and I have put in order 1-2-3 I have the screens set up to extend and my mouse moves across all screens as it should. I set my resolution in composer to fill all screens 3240 x 1920. However when I run my player it only fills the first screen and does not fill to all the rest. What am I doing wrong?

I have updated the screen using Sab notes on one computer multi screens. However I when adding the the local.congif file it dose not go to 3 screens. My only work around for now I have turned off auto reboot online management console. Then I did the shortcut and added /extendeddisplay and then added the shortcut to shell:Startup. However if I do push update I would need to restart the computer.

Hi David,

Try to hit the F11 Key, also, you may want to check that article: Tip of the Month: Running Experiences on a Display Wall.



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