2 or more product comparison (pick & learn/compare solution)

Hello all,

I have a screen with 2 products. Using the nexmosphere RFID pick-up sensor, every time you pick up one of the products you will see the product infos. But when you pick up both the sensors, a comparison page will be reveal in front of you.

Can someone help me how to do that?
Thank you in advance

That should be easy, intuiface has a sample of this here - Browse and Select - Retail Example

You will need to tweak the triggers a bit to use your Nexmosphere RFID sensors, it should be easy by binding each Nexmosphere RFID tag to a specific product.

PM me if you need any assistance.


Hello Melvyn,

I guess you’re talking about how the related products mechanism works?
Since I want to make a comparison of 2 products side-by-side, I guess that I have to create 2 separate product scenes and one scene with the comparison items? Am I right?

Hi Giannis @mypaneltv,

There are multiple ways to achieve this scenario but believe me, the most complex part is not building it in Intuiface, it is to the define the exact specs of the behavior you are looking for. I will try to include this question in our next Quarterly Live Q&A event (end of March), but in the meantime, here are a few high-level options

  • If you know you’ll only have to look at 1 product sheet or 2 products sheets only, then you can create 2 different layouts (Groups) and show 1 or the other based on conditional triggers and a Simple Counter
    • When an item is picked, Count +1
    • When an item is placed back, Count -1
    • Then use conditions on the counter to fill the layout for 1 item or for both, and show the appropriate layout based on the Count value
  • If you want to be more generic and be able to handle, 1, 2, 3, 4, or more items to compare, I would consider using either an Excel file, or the Shopping List Interface Asset, or a dedicated custom Interface Asset (most likely a modified Shopping List) to create a dynamic data feed and display it in an Asset Grid
    • When an item is picked, add your item to your data feed
    • When an item is placed back, remove this item from your data feed.

Don’t hesitate to contact our support team after you’ve started to build your XP if you have questions about it.


EDIT: the “most complex” part is how to handle parts like this one of the scenario in the non-generic option 1 above.

  • User picks item 1 => displays Product 1 details
  • User picks item 2 => displays Product 1 details on the left, Product 2 details on the right
  • User places back item 1 => need to display Product 2 details only.

I agree with Seb. When I’ve done comparisons, I use an excel file to add/remove rows of data. Then I use the asset grid to put each spec sheet side by side. Use triggers to add/remove rows when the items is picked up and returned.

You put the comparison asset grid in a hidden group. Then when the excel rows are greater than 1, show the comparison group. When less than 1, it hides. Just another way to think about it.

Good luck.

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I was testing a lot the last days. I cant figure whats the right trigger to hide/appear the products.

My steps so far:
Thats my excel file

I have create those scene layers:

  1. I haved made a “pick your favorite product” layer as a “welcome screen”. Thats my “idle” screen

  2. I did a single product layer for a single product pick up (thats a hidden layer before the trigger) but lets skip this for know

    **A tip how to show the “right” product based on the excel file values will be helpful as well. But thats a minnor issue!

  3. Thats my visual for the excel file with the 3 lines of products as asset grid. A side-by-side configuration (thats a hidden layer before the trigger)

Whats the triggers I have to use (for the nexmosphere RFID pick-up sensor) so I can add/remove rows when the items is picked up and returned?

I notice that only when I am changing the value (number) of the columns I see less products!
But I cant control with this value which product will disappear!

Your help/advice or a very quick draft sharred experience file is always welcome here.

Hi Giannis @mypaneltv,

I recommend you open a ticket on our support platform so our team can help you more closely and more privately. They’ll ask you to share your XP with them so they can have a look at what you’ve built so far.

At a high level and based on your screenshots, I can see 2 possibilities:

  • You create a 2nd sheet with the same column structure, and when Nexmosphere raises a trigger, you copy the content of the proper product in a new row in your 2nd sheet. Sheet 1 remains always the same and is your reference data base, sheet 2 is your “comparison list” in which you add / remove rows as necessary.
  • Or you add a column “Is in Comparison” in your current sheet, change its value between true & false based on Nexmosphere triggers, then use a filter to only display the ones that should be in the comparison.

Dear Seb,

I thought that asking the community would help me learn more about intuiface. User-to-user help!
And of course, this topic would be helpfull for others find the solution with the same “issue” :wink:
Any way, I hope the intuiface team would help me learn more about this beatiful platform.

Thanks for the help

Looking at your excel file screenshot, i dont see a field for the RFID sensor tags, you will need to bind each tag to a specific product, so that in the intuiface trigger settings, you can trigger a specific product to show/ hide based off the RFID tag.