1080P & 4K Touch screen projects

Hi everyone, new to interactive design, have a lot to learn.
I hope the community will share their knowledge.

Some questions for all!
What are the determining factors to consider when choosing between 1080P and 4K projects?
What sizes of images and videos do you recommend for 1080P & 4k projects?
Are there any problems using 4k compared to 1080p?
Loading images and other issues.

Can anyone recommend good manufactures for 4k touch screens?
Also what brightness value (cd/m2) or Nits value for 4k screen & 1080P in a very bright retail store?
I have been told at least 700 nits for indoor use and minimum 1500 for outdoors.
Can anyone respond to these figures!

Added a few more questions: Regarding 4k testing.
I’m using a 4k HDTV for viewing it’s not a touch screen.
I could purchase a 4k+touch+screen+overlay from Amazon.

GreenTouch Infrared Touch Overlay 10 Points IR Touch Frame with USB Interface Free-Drive Plug and Play (43) only problem I see with this product is Response time:≤15ms.

Has anyone used touch screen overlays with their HDTV?

What is the ideal Refresh Rate ? 30 60 120 hertz?
Thank you for your time all responses are greatly appreciated.

@mobilemedia Hi Frank,

I hope you are well

One main thing to consider is the clients budget because we have found in the past a 4K machine works best with a touchscreen which is capable of 60Hz or above although the touchscreen/PC running the project does tend to become pretty pricey but if the budget is not a issue then i would recommend a Hades Canon I7 Nuc paired with a Promultis Lightning Touchscreen IR or PCAP :wink:

Image and video sizes are dependent on the A. the project size and how complex the experience is. B. that being said on another post recently we had images supplied to us at 4K resolution and it was only being displayed in a 1080p window meaning the images would be better suited at 1080p it was pointless, the images original file sizes was 4mb and now down to 1.12mb so it saved space and some time loading the images inside the player.

4K vs 1080p Problems? Well as long as you follow this article Optimize performance and try to keep images and videos to a reasonable file size you should not have any problems (Please bare in mind that having a 4K project depending on the complexity will require a higher spec PC.)

Can i recommend any good manufactures of touchscreens? Well as i am from Promultis you are entitled to 10-20% discount just because you are using one of our touchscreens with Intuiface! Here is the pricelist Pricelist

Brightness for a touchscreen is really dependent on the lighting in the retail store for example take our latest case study Fujifilm House of Photography we used standard brightness 350 cd /m2 for inside the store and outside the store we used a 2,500 cd /m2 we have had no issues at all.

We can supply a interactive overlay give us a call!

In regards to the touch overlay you have referenced are you referring to the refresh rate of the touch or the screen but ill be able to give you more information and advice if you need it!

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Talking about PC to handle 4K, I recently tested a new Intel NUC with a 10th gen i7.
Something similar to: https://www.amazon.com/Intel-NUC10i7FNH-Ultra-Small-Mini/dp/B0842XRQHN
I couldn’t test on a 4K touch myself, but it looks promising :wink:


while 4k may sound good, it uses alot of system resources. I have had clients that wanted a 4K presentation done, to avoid them complaining later about the responsiveness of the project - I secretly scaled all their content down to 1080p. They never noticed the difference, the biggest advantage was a presentation half the original 4K size and a more responsive project - end result - a very happy client.

So you should be good to go with 1080p, test one graphic and see if you notice any difference.


Everyone has provided fantastic feedback here. Louie is spot on that budget is key, Seb makes a great point about hardware specs, and Melvyn’s comments on resources for 4K are very prudent.

I have had one client purchase a 60" 4K touchscreen, and it was a 3M so it ran about $5300. It was so nice, but it needed a Hades Canyon i7 NUC to handle the content without lag. Luckily, they did not have videos in their Experience, which can really bog down the entire process if you’re using 4K video. Most clients won’t have 4K video to provide you, so 1080i movies will appear rather diminutive on 4K screens.

I have not yet used Promultis hardware, but I am hoping to in the near future. In regards to overlays, I have used Zytronics touch film overlays. They are really top notch, but you’ve got to drop some coin to get them and they have a longer turn-around time, because they CAD a glass plate to your specifications. If you’re not a tinkerer, they can be an aggravation to fine tune in regards to calibration, and anti-static foam padding is necessary to cut down on interference from metal hardware.

I have used a lot of PQ Labs overlays with 1080i and 4K, and they’re a breeze to set up from a calibration standpoint. You’ll need some lint-free gloves a couple of days to get VHB tape to cure the frame to your gorilla glass, though. The downside with their IR frames is, that with tariffs and the current state of shipments out of China, you’re looking at higher prices than last year, and much longer wait times.

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