You want 3D.... We got 3D!


We had a great time producing a massive 3D project for one of our clients. I think we might have broke the software at one point. We pushed the limits of the rendering engine with our detailed models but in the end we got it working smoothly.

Let us help you with your 3D projects.



Thanks for sharing this @sam !


@sam , this looks great. I have a client wanting to showcase their 3D models interactively with this software. I’m a 3D renderer and use 3dsMax and Vray but am totally new to this type of workflow. Can you share some exporting tips as well as how you got materials and labels to port over? Do the models really need to be under 10K poly?


Are yo building in intuface or making files for someone else building it?


I’d just be supplying 3D files. But I downloaded the demo and am experimenting right now. DAE export with standard materials seems to work pretty well.


There’s really no rendering of shadows with the scene lights is there?


no. its not like unity. which they hopefully will support soon. And it doesn’t render properly on iPad so make sure to test the lighting structures for that. We went thru 30 models before we got it right and at one point we broke the software because the rendering engine couldn’t handle anymore polygons. They will also need a super computer to run the models. Lots of Ram as SSD drives, i7 6th gen 6 core processors. otherwise it will just hang.


Nice! How did you solve to orbit smoothly 360° the 3D model? Intuiface doesn’t allow it natively…thanks for sharing


Hello. We had lots of struggles with memory and shading with these models because intuilab didn’t spend very much time on the 3D rendering engines. They have since improved their quality but we still compress out models as much as possible to reduce the number of nodes and dramatically decrease the size of the file. Eliminate as many vectors as you can, especially anything hidden internally of your model. This will help.