Capturing Video and Audio


It would be a nice feature to record video and audio from an attached device for a defined number of seconds through a trigger. This could then be shared to the video file queue for local or email usage.


This would be great…


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yes please!!



I want to create an experience, A video messaging kiosk that works like this.

User approaches a kiosk,
Taps the screen,
A disclaimer message appears and they accept it.
They are presented with a live view of themselves from the attached PC web cam or DSL camera.
This live video fee is displayed in a nice sized window within the experience.
They tap the screen and the camera records them and their video message. (video and audio)
A count down timer for the 15 secs is also displayed on screen for time left of recording.
At the end of the recording, the video stops and a thank you message is displayed.
At the moment, the video is saved to a hot folder on the local PC and/or uploaded to the cloud to drop box or something like this if wifi is available, But always a copy is store locally.