Available as a freelancer for your touch projects


Hi, we’re available to work on your projects. we’ve been developing stuff for around 2 years and are familiar with almost all the aspects of this wonderful program.


Hi Melvin: Thanks for joining the Community! Any link to like a Youtbe video showing off your IntuiFace work? Nothing’s like that is better to attract customers (except sharing an IntuiFace experience you have created) :wink:


Do not hesitate to share one your creations via a public URL. We will only be able to play it without seeing your secret recipe in Composer.


Hi, here is the url to a sample XP we did, this is just one of those multimedia ones,


we’ve done alot more other stuff than this.



How do you charge for your services? are you available to do just “parts” of an experience? I can do some of the basics but need assistance with some of the more interactive items.



Hi Nate,

Thank you for your message !

Sent you a pm.


@melvyn_br, I have a project that I am quoting out now and will need to outsource. Can you PM me for contact info? Thanks!


@cfulton, pm sent


Hello, need to outsource a simple interactive project.
Please PM with contact info.
Thank you



PM sent !



@melvyn_br are you still available to help? I’m looking to have either a template or even a full presentation sorted for sales demonstrations.


Hello James,

Thank you for your email. Yes, I’m very much available to help.

Look forward to hearing from you.




Hi Melvn

How i can communicate with you a request to build experience?


Hi Abu,

You can reach me on melvyn.br@gmail.com




Hi @melvyn_br we are looking for a freelancer, where are you based and can you send me some examples of what you have done?


Hi Melvin,

Are you available in the middle of january?
Could you get in touch so we can exchange information?



Hi Manuel,

Yes, I am available, please let me know when to contact you.




Hi Melvyn,

You can either call me at 9 am tomorrow or send me an email with some information such as your dayrate and some past projects.
You can also call me after 12 tomorrow.



Manuel de Baaij
JB Communications.co.uk


Hi Manuel,

Please see your PM.




Hi Melvin. I am looking for someone familiar with this program to help me with a project. Please contact me if you are available