Why are all Video Backgrounds available in Design Accelerators in Landscape Only?

I’m a newby, but I downloaded all of the available video backgrounds from the “get more design accelerators” and they all appear to be landscape and I don’t see a way to reformat those…! I’m designing in Portrait mode and stuck, thanks. Jeff

Hi Jeff,

Indeed, if you have a landscape video as background in a portrait experience, you won’t cover the whole background.

There are still some tricks to achieve it:

  1. in the Experience appearance properties you can change the Fill Behavior of the video to Fill (or Deform) so it will cover the whole background.

  1. the other way would be to:

    • create a Background Experience Layer
    • put the video you want in this layer (if you used a Design Accelerator, the video will be available in your Content Library)
    • rotate the video using either the dotted handle or the Angle Property



Thanks Alex. Got it!


Jeff Cohen

Key Account Manager, Newsnet




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