When using excel Interface Asset, is there a way to place the excel file in a folder outside of intuiface?


So I use the interface asset excel to display the names of people who have pre-registered for an event on my experience. For each day, I have to load a different set of pre-registered list, meaning I have to go into composer, edit the excel file then republish the experience. Is there a way that I can place the “pre-registration” excel file on a local folder in my PC, so I can edit that without having to go into composer? I hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance for the replies.


Hi Chris,

An Excel file used within an IntuiFace experience has to be within the experience folder, as any other files (iamges, videos, …) used in the experience. This ensures the good behavior when publishing / deploying an experience (no files are lost).
In your case, I can see 2 solutions:

  • use a tool like Mirror folders to sync an Excel file from a system folder (like a dropbox / onedrive folder) and the experience folder. See more details in Updating excel data remotely.
  • or replace your Excel file with an online CMS, such as Airtable.

Hope this helps



Hi Chris,

to complete Seb’s answer, another option is also to add a button and use the launch application action to open the folder containing the excel file or even launch excel and open the excel file from your Experience.

Hope this helps