What’s next? Something big 🎁! And we’ll need a little help from you to get there so read on…

HI @j-geis,

Thanks for sharing , I used the tool we are currently developing with www.motion.ai api this morning. And it worked well :slight_smile:. It has generated those two interface assets descriptors for you : motion.messageBot.ifd to communicate with any bot and motion.getConversations.ifd to get messages of all conversation between users and your bots.

Just D&D the files in Composer, Corresponding IA will appear in IA panel.

All parameters are explained on motion.ai’s documentation : http://docs.motion.ai/docs/messagebot and http://docs.motion.ai/docs/getconversations.

Feel free to try it (specially in combinaison with Text to Speech and Speech recognition Interface Assets).

Enjoy !


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Hi Alban,
Is there a new feature for connecting to APIs? Are there any documentation on their use?


Not yet available @mike1! Will be part of 6.0 out sometime in March. However, we’ll provide a beta with limited access to this feature before then…

In a nutshell, it’s a web page on which you’ll enter a API request (like https://api.spotify.com/v1/search?query=pink+floyd&type=album - my favorite band). With that, our machine learning algorithms will preselect the properties from the API answer that look the most interesting to expose and interact with, and the IntuiFace Interface Asset will automatically be generated, imported in the Composer and presented as, say, an asset flow of Pink Floyd album covers with their titles. Pretty cool, right?


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that is pretty cool, will this work with windows functionality like accessing files (with full feature support i.e. knowing its an image and giving you annotation tools) and the like?

Hi @telfordASE,

For version 6.0, we plan to support REST web services (GET and POST).

Supporting windows folders as Interface Assets is part of our post-6.0 roadmap.
This feature will allow you to design the way Player users can interact with files coming from a folder the same way you can already do with data coming from an Excel file or any other Interface Asset.

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Hi @AlexB, please check out our latest announcement here. You’ll be pleased…


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