Webpage Asset Link Auto-Update


Hi all,
I am using the webpage asset for my project.

There is a particular “number” in the link that I used in the webpage asset, and it is changing on a monthly basis (it is actually indicator of the month, e.g. it is 11 for november and 12 for december). The remaining part is unchanged.
Is there a chance to use a feature (let’s say the Excel feature) so that program will update the link on a monthly basis automatically?

Thanks in advance!



You can use a Clock Interface Asset from which you will get the corresponding date among with a Text manipulation Interface Asset to Concatenate the value to your link. You can then Bind the resulted text on the Web Browser’s url.



Hi Mihai,
That sounds like a great solution.
But before trying to do so, I actually created an Excel Workbook that I
used the CONCATENATE function to combine current month (with the MONTH
function) and put the resulted text on another cell.
Then, I imported it to the project, used the binding function for Web
Browser’s URL and tried to get the data from Excel’s that particular
resulted text cell. Apparently I cannot get text input from CONCATENATE
function’s text output. Is there a solution for that?

I also tried your option, but I could not obtain a resulted text via Text
Manipulation. Does it only work with Trigger/Action? Can I use it like an
Excel function without releasing any button or using any trigger/action

Thank you for your responsiveness.


Hi Ece,

You need a trigger to set the value on the Web Browser. The best approach is to use the clock IA to perform the trigger. I have attached a snapshot for you along with a sample experience that can be downloaded from the following url: http://deposit.intuilab.com/deposit/support/IntuiFace/sampleclockusecase.zip

In the sample I have used the “Second Changed” trigger for test purpose only. The Clock’s “Second Changed” trigger will update a text asset in my example.

For your real case scenario:

  • Set your desired url on the “Define url” text asset
  • Change the trigger to “Month number changed” and get the value of the “new text” from the “month as a number” instead of “seconds”.
  • Configure the “set text” action to “Open url” on a web browser instead of the text

I hope this helps.



Hi again,
This looks pretty doable for me.
However, the problem is that the month number is in the middle of my URL link instead of being at the end. So, I combine 3 texts by Concatenate on Excell actually.
Is it possible to do this by “Replace” action in Text Manipulation interface asset?
My url is www.abc9def.com
9 represents the month number (september). I want it to change on a daily basis. Should I concatenate double??

Thanks in advance.


You should call the concatenate action 2 times. One time to set the initial number after the first part of the text, second time to set the rest of the text (which may be written on a second text asset). Please see the attached gif for more details. Note that I have delayed the actions on the timeline to make sure the actions write the text in the correct order.


You made my day, such a wonderful community! :slight_smile:
Thank you Mihai, I will apply it to my project and reach out again if I have any other issue.


You can also use “Replace” action instead of 2x Concatenate as long as you set a specific value for the url’s number. If you use this approach, make sure you do not replace the original text. This is a much easier approach as it will replace only the corresponding value.

Have fun using IntuIFace :slight_smile:

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