Web Triggers, IFTTT and Zapier


I’m very excited to start sharing with the community the features of our next important release (Version 6.2) due in the 2nd half of April. The key addition we are bringing is Web Triggers.

IntuiFace Web Triggers will enable any service connected to the Web to trigger - in real time - any action in a running IntuiFace experience.

You’ll have three ways to eanble an external service, via the IntuiFace Web Triggers feature, to target a running IntuiFace experience:

  1. Via the IntuiFace Web Triggers API. With this API you’ll be able to, for example, develop a website or mobile app that can remotely control an IntuiFace experience not located on the same LAN,
  2. Via IFTTT using the IFTTT IntuiFace Service to create amazing Applets,
  3. Via Zapier using the Zapier IntuiFace App to create powerful Zaps and workflows.

Yep, you read it well: IFTTT and Zapier. The possibilities to connect an IntuiFace Experience with any publicly-available service operating on the Web or in the cloud will very soon be a frictionless reality. It’s also a natural extension to the Web of the WHEN this happens THEN do that / Triggers & Actions main IntuiFace programming paradigm that you all know (and love!). Let me give a trivial example: “WHEN I’m getting an email from a specific account in my Gmail inbox connected to the IFTTT Gmail Service THEN display the email’s Subject line in my IntuiFace experience named “Show-important-email””.

The scenarios are endless! That’s why I’m sharing this a little bit in advance, so you can, in the comments below, send us even your craziest ideas (but somewhat useful too ;-)) that follows the “WHEN My favorite IFTTT/Zapier app triggers this THEN My IntuiFace Experience does that” pattern.

Oh, and Web Triggers will be available for all Players!

Let the creative fun begin!


What’s next? Something big :gift:! And we’ll need a little help from you to get there so read on…
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@Vincent This is awesome! I need an Intuilab intervention, this is becoming too addictive.


@AlexB :grin:



Hahaha, welcome to the club!


Awesome news @Vincent. I’ve an important IFTTT scenario for you:

WHEN IntuiLab releases a cool new feature ALERT Venture capitalists to keep investing in IntuiFace THEN everybody will be happy

With that said, I look forward to v 6.2 :slight_smile:


@tosolini I wished that was that easy :wink: