Web Triggers and Composer Question

Is there a way to fire off a Web Trigger that will only be sent to a specific instance of Composer?

None of the parameter options seem to be able to target an experience running in composer. It would be great if there was an Application Number parameter since composer and players have one.

Hello @programmers

Within IFTTT and Zapier, you have the option of specifying a subset of your experiences and / or Players by using a variety of filter properties:

  • Experience name(s)
  • Player name(s)
  • Player tag(s)

With the Web Trigger API, you can use all of the above criteria plus:

  • Experience ID(s)
  • Player ID(s)

If you open the X-Ray of the Web Trigger in Composer you will see the Player ID and Device Name

Hope this is answers your question.


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Chuck @programmers, to complete Ryan’s answer, if you have installed a Player on your Composer device, Composer will have the same “device Name”, “player ID” or “player Tags”.

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Ooo, good to know. Thanks!

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If you are running multiple ‘composers’ with the same XP and need to differentiate I suppose you could send to the Experience ID, then create a conditional for the PC name.

So the trigger would be: call is received AND pc name is “PCNAME”. Or if you didn’t want to use the PC name, you could use an excel doc to store a unique value for each pc that runs composer, and user a conditional to compare that cell when the call is received. It should be noted that re-deploying an xp ‘can’ overwrite the excel file though if you had made a change to it, so be wary of that. But you could build a little button within the XP that allows the user who runs composer to set that cell value, and therefore receive whatever “triggered” events they selected.

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