Updating excel data remotely



has anyone deployed an XP’s which have an excel sheet which is updated remotely? If so I wondered if you could share your approach and how you achieved it. I know there have been suggestions of hosting the XP on dropbox but I also read that support for dropbox is being withdrawn (or did i imagine that)


Hi @GazM,

I know some of our customers are using Mirror folders to sync an excel file between a “box/drive” account configured on the machine and the IntuiFace folder.
You read correctly about Dropbox support.


When using excel Interface Asset, is there a way to place the excel file in a folder outside of intuiface?

Thanks Seb. I will research that. i’ve not used AWS but is that an option?


@GazM: If you find a tool to sync your AWS bucket with the windows drive, I guess you could :slight_smile:


Hey @GazM,
To throw in my two cents here, I’m having some success with something called Appsheet. (www.appsheet.com)
It’s literally a software that reads your excel file, and creates an web interface to update it, even as a mobile app.

But let me warn you, this software can get pretty in depth with different excel-like functions and expressions. However, I’ve successfully used it with a simple XP, sync’d the excel sheet through OneDrive to my Intuiface player, and used MirrorFolders to copy the excel file into Intuiface backend. I was able to update a directory board from the cloud account in a matter of seconds. You can also permit only certain users to access the app and make updates.

Later this year when I get my process smoothed out, I plan on releasing a nice description in this community so others can follow. But at least you can take an early look. Good luck!


Hi @AlexB
thanks so much for taking the time to respond with some really useful information. I will have a look into it!