Two filters for one result


Hello everybody,

Does anyone know how to apply two filters for one result? I have 9 images of bags and 2 images of cases. There are 20 combinations possible with these bags and cases. I want the user to select a bag in the first asset flow and a case in the second asset flow. The third asset flow or asset grid must then show the image of the bag and case combined.

I’ve tried the “add filter” filter function on the third asset flow or asset grid when the images are moved into focus but when I do this no image appears in the third asset flow.

Does anyone know how you can accomplish this effect?


Hi Ketschi,

I guess that you are applying these filters on an Excel file that contains all your images. I think you might need 3 sheets in your file

  • 1 that contains the bags list for your 1st asset flow / grid
  • 1 that contains the cases list for your 2nd asset flow / grid
  • 1 that contains all the possible combinations on which you would apply the 2 filters to get 1 single remaining result.

Can you confirm this would solve your issue?



Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for your reply. That’s exactly what I did. I’ve uploaded 3 screenshots of my 3 sheets below.



Do you really need to use the filter function ?? I just achieved what you described using just the move into focus function. Please see attached screenshots, hope this is what you’re looking for. I know the case asset flow needs to be trimmed to show just 2, but that’s an easy fix

Let me know if this works.


Hi Melvyn,

Thank you for your reply. Did you use two seperate images in the third asset where you show the result? The problem is that my third asset contains a image of the case and the bag combined. I couldn’t think of a option how I could show them without using the filter action.


Hi Ketschi,

Yes, use two separate images into one group, that should solve your problem.



@ketschi could you show use the pictures you are using? That might help to understand if you need this 3rd sheet and filters or not regarding the “combined image”.



@Seb, that is exactly what I was thinking, he could achieve this with two images grouped together for the third asset, and using the move to triggers on the other two to change the images in the 3rd. No filter required.


The effect that I’m trying to accomplish is like this website under “Pack styles” are also the images that i’m using. The third picture are the bags and cases combined so I think I do need to use the 3rd sheet.


I took a look at that, nothing to hard to achieve, the problem is which route you want to choose:

  1. have 2 images into one group keeping one background for the 3rd image will give you the same result, with less hassles and no use of filters.

  2. if you want a single 3rd image, then you would need your 3 excel sheets and the filter hassles.

For me, I would use a less complicated approach, as visually they will both look the same. If you get it visually correct, it doesn’t matter what is under the covers. Moreover, you’re still achieving what you want, its just two different routes.


I solved the issue. I needed to use the third image so I needed the 3 excel sheets. I forgot that I should remove the filters when the item was moved out of focus. That’s why the third image dissapeared. Thank you for your replies!


Hi Ket,

Glad you fixed it. All the best !


Instead of “removing the filter” before applying a new one, you could just use the Clear column filter parameter of the add filter action. See below:


Hi Sebastien,

Thank you for that suggestion, didn’t noticed that!