Toggle maximize video/pdf to full screen

I want to toggle maximize my video/pdf on double-tap action but when I simulate action it is not maximized to full screen, it keeps margin from all side reference attached below, I want video/pdf fullscreen (all are designed in 16:9 aspect ration)
also, I want maximize/close buttons on top of content and not too long(as now in ref.)
can anyone help?

Heya @evaz,

This is totally doable.
If you don’t want to use the default open item behavior/positioning/UI elements, you can simply make your own.

  • disable open item on tap
  • create a hidden model with the size you want for a Video (or PDF) Asset, and all the UI elements you need (close, play etc)
  • when item of a collection is tapped, show your model and populate (with bindings) with your media (video/image/pdf etc) source, element data etc.

It’s a fairly common process and we use it for instance in the free sample Steelframe Collection on Marketplace (Scene: Vintage) to show a custom product sheet when an item of a collection is tapped.

Don’t hesitate to download it and dig in to see how it’s done.



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I’ve forgot the most obvious, we now have an article exactly about the topic here: Displaying data feeds using a master list with detail view. :tada:

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