Text input not transferring to excel spreadhseet



I’m using the text input interactive asset to gain feedback from visitors at our museum. I followed a video from Intuilab on how to bind the text input to the excel spreadsheet housed on my computer, meaning when someone types in text in the box, it saves in the excel sheet. It works when I try it out in the play mode in composer, but for whatever reason I can’t get the text typed in the text input box on an ipad to save. Any ideas here?


Hi @qragsdale,

Can you precise the method you used to retrieve the Excel file from the iPad?
You might find some help in this article.



Hi Seb–I will look at this tomorrow (Tuesday) and get back to you. Thanks!


Hi Seb–

I used an IntuiFace video recommended by support to maybe figure out an option for this. Towards the end of the video around the 45 minute mark, a technique is explained that I incorporated into my experience. I used and excel sheet and binding to text inputs. It works on the PC, but it doesn’t work on the iPad. I was told that Intui doesn’t transfer over info to excel on Mac.

We essentially are asking a question and having visitors type in their responses. I’m trying to figure out how I can have a record of these responses. Do you have any other suggestions? I’ve tried doing an email asset but that doesn’t seem to serve the purpose we need.



Excel spreadsheet manipulation does work on iPad, the only difference with Windows-based devices is that you won’t be able to access the excel files directly through iOS.

However, you can use the Share by Email Interface Asset to send you the Excel file as explained on this article :


By using this Interface Asset in your Experience, you will be able to get a copy of the Excel files updated with your visitors responses.


Hi, while it may be tricky to get the excel sheet from the ipad as you have to explore the ipad file structure with another app, etc. you may want to use the data analytics feature that sends the same info directly into the cloud tracking.

We usually have two of these methods setup on all our experiences which is pretty reliable and less headaches, if one fails, you have the other as backup.

Just one extra trigger to add which sends the same info to the cloud tracking as well as the excel sheet.

Otherwise, you can try vicenzo’s email approach as well.


Thanks! I tried this early but struggled to figure it out. I’m going to attempt to revisit this tomorrow.


Any articles or tutorials you know off hand that could break this down for me?


Here is a link to the data analytics assett - http://support.intuilab.com/kb/data-tracking/using-the-data-tracking-interface-asset

Let me know if you face any problem


Hi @qragsdale,

The article Vincent mentioned earlier should be the one you’re looking for: http://support.intuilab.com/kb/how-to/how-to-email-an-excel-file-used-by-the-excel-interface-asset-at-runtime.

Regarding the data tracking, you can use the article melvyn mentioned, and/or start by watching this webinar recording.