Survey with weighted answers

Good Day All,

Brand new to this software and I am trying to figure out an issue.

I want to create a survey to ask people certain questions (yes / no) and depending on the answers I want the final screen to either say you are qualified or thanks for participating.

I was thinking like a if/then statement but not sure how to create it.

Thanks for any advice.

Hi, if you’re just using yes/no, then you can use the toggle set buttons and assign a value on their click, and have the counter add that value each time a specific button is clicked. At the end, using the if/then statement, if the value is above a certain level you qualify, of then thanks for participating.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi Evan,

As I answered you on the support thread you opened about the same topic, you can check this article and reuse the quiz sample to create your survey with weighted answers.


Thanks for your reply, helped me to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I understood the bindings wrong as well but got everything to work now.


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Glad you got it sorted !!