SoFla Intuiface Designer / Developer Needed


We’re looking to source a few Intuiface Designers / Developers for a multi-month engagement in South Florida. This will be a multi-week engagement and the work can be performed remotely. A strong portfolio and talented design is a must.

There is some urgency to this request. This is great work with a great company and above average pay. Only serious applications demonstrative skills and portfolios please. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Hi Stuart,

We are a UK company. Intui experts. Although we don’t release staff on contract, let us know if you need assistance as we may be able to help.



Hi Stuart,

We are a small team of intuiface experts and would be able to assist with your projects. Please share your contact details and we can share sample videos of the work we’ve done.


Hi @stuart happy to help, would love to learn more about your project.


Hi Art -

I’d be happy to provide you with some additional insight and information. Are you U.S. based? I’m looking for a U.S. based asset and I’m looking for a person that not only know the Intuiface platform from a programmatic perspective . . . but is also a Designer and can contribute to the visual aesthetic in addition to programming functionality.

Please provide me with some dates/times that might work for a call. Thanks Art.



Hi @Stuart, I just sent you a PM with my contact info. - Thanks.


Hi Stuart. I am located in Toronto but travel to FLA monthly as I reside there as well. I am involved in design and development in both locations. Let me know if you still require assistance and we can chat more. Sam (416)-930-7330


Can you please give me your contact info. I am looking for developer.
858-569-8842 ext. 101


Hi Larry,

I’d be glad to help !



what’s your email?