Slow running intui and layer triggers not running



I’m in the middle of creating a rather large intui presentation. I have a trigger for when a layer is shown but it doesnt seem to trigger when showing that layer once I’ve come from a different scene.

Also, my intui is running very slowly even though i have optimised my files as best i can.




What are your system spec’s, How big is your project file.

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32gb ram, 64 bit operating system/processor with a gtx 1070 graghics card, presentation is 1.37 gb



Are you able to PM and we can test on our machine and see whats going on?


you should frequently clear your temp folder… i do it alot and it definitely boosts performance


Hi @rob (maybe Elanor? :wink: )

I guess we’ve been handling your question on support, so I’m closing this thread now.

Send me a pm if you want to re-open it.