Slow loading times


Hi does anyone have any idea what could be causing my slow loading times even when running local?

It’s not a complicated design just a simple carousel which links through to individual scenes depending on which slide is selected. Both the left / right buttons on the carousel and the scenes take a second to respond / load.

I’ve compressed my images but it’s not made much difference. Please help



What OS are you running?

What are your Machine spec’s?

Kind Regards


hi @Louie_Smith

It’s my works machine which is running Windows 10 (64bit), i5-7200 with 8gb ram (scheduled to be upgraded to 16gb).

I’ve tried it on another machine which improved a little, but there is still a little delay after pressing the left / right buttons and especially when navigating between scenes. Note: I’ve removed all scene-to-scene animation but no improvement.

I have noticed that the delay improves after a while - is it a caching issue? Are there ways I can improve it from the outset?



Is this with the latest release of Composer? I’m seeing a similar issue since I upgraded a day or 2 ago.
I have to test more.

Can we “downgrade” the an older version?


Hi @ken.geary

You can find the steps to downgrade to earlier version of Composer in this KB article.