Sharing Experiences and Licenses


Hello all,

We have been working on our Interactive Board project in our plant for three weeks, and we are almost done. We have worked on a Free Edition so far and we would like to upgrade our edition to a Pro version. The problem is that, I worked on a computer which does not have a Static IP address. I am using a Shared Folder so that other users will be able to update the content by using their own computers; however, since my computer does not have a Static IP, everytime I turn off my laptop, the IP changes. In this case other users have to be updated each time I have a different IP.

My solution is to carry my experience to another server with a Static IP. To do so, I believe I can share my experience with this new server, and give it a permission to “Read”. First, I need to upgrade my Free Edition to Pro, and then purchase another Pro Edition for the computer with Static IP. In this scenario, will I be able to transfer my experience directly to this new server, edit my experience, and reach the content folders of my experience on the new server?

When it comes to Player, we will purchase a Player for Windows. Do we also need to purchase a Composer License to use this Player?

Thanks in advance


Hi Ece,

I answered you directly via email so I’m closing this thread.