Share via filesystem

Hi there.
i know this is an easy one but i’m struggling with setting a destination folder for this IA. can someone point me in the right direction.

i’m creating a snapshot from a webcam asset. i then want to dump that snapshot into a folder (via the interface asset - share via file system) i’ve added the IA but am struggling with setting the destination folder (should it be a absolute path? and what is the create new folder??)



The properties of the Share via File System are described in this article. I added the precision that you should use an absolute path.


I am having sort of the same difficulty, but in my case, I need to run the experience on other machines, so the absolute path doesn’t work, and it creates a temporary file. On my experience I add the path tp a excel file which is linked to a collection, where the user can see the photos taken and saved.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Gabriel,

I answered you on the support thread you created about this matter.


Hi @Seb it seems that the link is down, any help would be nice, thanks !

Hi @daniel1,

We switched our support platform and all discussions there are now private.

If you have a similar issue / question, you might want to contact our support team