Share via Email - Configurable: not binding name of image.png


Never mind nuked the group and rebuilt and all is well with the world. All I needed to do was post a question after beating my head on the table for 8 hours… Dan


I’ve been setting up a photo booth like app and have been using the Market Place self-service photo booth example as a guide. All is well until I select the photo to be used from an Asset Grid and dump the URI from the images data feed into a global variable - I only get a partial path and not the full file path plus file name as in the example. E.g. “Intuiface_Session_[datetime]/Snapshots/” instead of file:///C:/[file_path]/Intuiface_Session_[datetime]/Snapshots/Group-Webcam_snapshot_[date].png

As a result, I cannot select the image.

The only difference I can see is that I’m using the configurable email component and not the hosted. All snapshots are visible in the asset grid, I just can’t seem to access the image names.

Any thoughts are appreciated!




What’s even odder is that since I’m getting unique images in the asset grid, I thought I’d bind the button text for that group to the image name. Same thing … just the partial path. Is this a limitation of the Share via Email - Configurable?


Hi @fitz,

In this situation, I’d recommend you to start a discussion with our support team and share your project with them. They’ll investigate this for you.