Send calendar invite with SMTP?


I have a client who’s powering an event calendar in Intuiface and wants to add the ability for a user to enter their email address and send the event to them self, “ideally in the form of an .ics file”.


Maybe something like this could pop up in a browser?
…Well, that would assume the user is signed into their account. Which they wont be, I guess this will need to generate a link.


OK! If anyone searches this in the future, you can create a Google calendar event and at the bottom, there are publish settings, which give you a link, which you can then feed into the body of an email.


Hi Carson, glad you figured it out that’s a smart solution!


Actually that only worked for Google Calendar events. In order to attach an .ics file (which comes from Microsoft Outlook and is more universal) …I had to specify a URI (universal resource identifier) in the “add item to sharing queue”.

Thanks to Christophe in tech support for taking the time to answer my question and provide this screenshot. It’s very easy to do, but not really documented. (the concept of URIs vs URLs)


Thanks for this feedback @carson. Christophe reported this to me and we are going to add more info in the documentation.