I’ve created a whiteboard experience and the client has now asked if they can save the images that they create and then have these playing as a screensaver when the screen is not in use.

I wanted to know if this was possible and the best way of achieving this.

Thanks in advance

You can use the Snapshot function within Intuiface to save the creations as images. (

One way to achieve the screensaver functionality is:

  • Grab the file URI of each snapshot and save to a row of an Excel interface asset.
  • Create a swap collection containing an image, and insert a data feed from the Excel asset into the collection.
  • Bind the URI of the image within the collection to the rows of the Excel data feed.
  • Set autoscroll parameters on the Swap collection to enable automatic scrolling through the set of image URI’s saved to the Excel sheet.



Many thanks will give it a go

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