Schedule of activities


I want to create an experience where people ask about what to do in the next 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes at the gym (maybe 4 big buttons). The open hours of the gyn are form 7 to 21, and people comes every time.

What’s the best way to do it? Manually or using Excel?
I have the full schedule of activities of the 6 months in advance.

Thanks everybody!


Hi @ricardo,

I’d definitely go with a data source that can be filtered, such as an Excel file. See this article for more information about filters.
I’d also recommend you to follow this community thread I’m working on this week, it could also fulfill your need.



It would seem your idea would work well using the API explorer to pull data from AirTable or another online database. I believe AirTable allows you to create a Calendar-view online so it’s easy for you to input all of your events. Read the API documentation to see how you can filter/sort data from your Airtable and show it how you like at the display. It would also be possible to pull this information from a Google calendar, but I think there may be a little less control over how it shows up on the display. Good luck!