Running Intuiface player on Windows PC

I have configured Intuiface player on Windows PC.
When running the player manually on PC, content loads and third party application trigger works fine. However when I reboot the PC and check, player loads and it doesn’t run the trigger. Only page loads and it stops there.
All the folders are up to date with the script. Can you please help.

Hi @EnterpriseVideo_Digi

For this kind of very specific request, I recommend you to open a ticket to Support.
You will probably be asked to share your experience with account and provide extra details in ticket.

Best regards,


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Hey Alex,
Thanks for responding again. Unfortunately I can’t share the experience due to policies.
It is just strange why it is not working on remote display and works when I login.

Hi @EnterpriseVideo_Digi,

Event if you can’t share your XP with our team (note: we are used to sign NDAs if it can help), opening a ticket on our support platform will enable our team to better track your issue, ask you some private information such as PC Diagnostics and enable you to share such information privately, as opposed to our open / publicly accessible community here.



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Thank you Seb,
You are the best. I will share the diagnostics on email.