RFID card reader


Hi There
ive be exploring the possibility of using RFID tags as its something i get asked about.

I have a Funduino rc522 connected to an Arduino Uno. in the serial monitor within the Arduino software i can see taps being registered but when I create a trigger in IF (Detect a tag / display image) nothing happens.
ive read through the knowledge base and the part about libnfc libraries but its a bit beyond me. any help would be much appreciated!


You should put this in the support forum really, But can you put a tag on the card and then get intuiface to read the tag you put onto it that would be the first thing to check.


Hi Mike
ive raised it in discussions which i didnt realise existed until today.
no its not reading anything.
have created a trigger if a tag is detected then show an image but nothing happening


I answered to your public thread on support.