Resize with mouse?

With an item that’s been popped out, how do I resize it with the mouse? I know with the touchscreen you would use two fingers, but how do I test that function a in mouse/keyboard setup?

When I pop out an item, I can move it around and rotate it with the mouse, but I can’t figure out how to ‘pinch’ with the mouse. I’m guessing I hold down a key on the keyboard while I drag with the mouse, but I can’t seem to find that answer anywhere.


Hi @jemmeric,

There is no function or shortcut to simulate touch events directly in IntuiFace but perhaps you could find an external solution to do that.

You could try this one out: Test with the Microsoft Emulator for Windows 10 Mobile - UWP applications | Microsoft Learn
But we have not tested it here with Windows 10


Another idea is to connect to a running IntuiFace experience using IntuiPad on your smartphone as a remote control. Your smartphone will act as a “remote touch screen”, thus you will be able to perform Pinch and zoom on the screen.

Please check this article for more details:

As Chloe mentioned, with a mouse you will only be able to achieve two point interaction using a touch emulator.

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This should be something that is addressed. I often build Intuiface on my laptop and am frequently annoyed by this lack of in-program troubleshooting ability. Can there be some alternate button used to set a touch point in composer while in viewing mode? For instance, if I alt + click a pin could be placed in composer to lock down a “contact point”, then a click + drag with the mouse could act as the second touch point by which the zoom level is set.

I’m sure it’s more complicated than my description, however what makes sense is that there should be in-program support for such a significant feature of the software. Thanks for the fine software.