Resize with mouse?


With an item that’s been popped out, how do I resize it with the mouse? I know with the touchscreen you would use two fingers, but how do I test that function a in mouse/keyboard setup?

When I pop out an item, I can move it around and rotate it with the mouse, but I can’t figure out how to ‘pinch’ with the mouse. I’m guessing I hold down a key on the keyboard while I drag with the mouse, but I can’t seem to find that answer anywhere.



Hi @jemmeric,

There is no function or shortcut to simulate touch events directly in IntuiFace but perhaps you could find an external solution to do that.

You could try this one out:
But we have not tested it here with Windows 10



Another idea is to connect to a running IntuiFace experience using IntuiPad on your smartphone as a remote control. Your smartphone will act as a “remote touch screen”, thus you will be able to perform Pinch and zoom on the screen.

Please check this article for more details:

As Chloe mentioned, with a mouse you will only be able to achieve two point interaction using a touch emulator.